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I'm really interested in her and really want to make a move and ask her on a date. We seem to flirt a lot making fun of each other and calling and texting each other a lot talking about life. She's loads of fun and she's also really mature for her age too. I've been in this situation before, but me being the girl.I don't want to be seen as a perv who's lusting over teenagers. Is the fact that I find her a mix of smart, funny, cute and sexually attractive wrong? I started talking to this person online and we swapped numbers. We got quite close, and talked about being in a relationship but long story short we stopped talking, which I regret now but my phone broke so i've lost contact with him. There's a 10 year age gap between my boyfriend and me.I'm a 16 year old girl and am hugely attracted to older guys. He continued his acting career becoming the biggest star. They married, he took a break from acting and they've been living happily ever since.

Their summer fling only lasted a couple of months, but it was long enough for Swift to receive a great deal of backlash for the age difference.Despite denials from both parties that their relationship was platonic, the two secretly wed in 1994.The marriage was ultimately annulled as Aaliyah was not yet old enough to consent to a lifetime with the 27-year-old Kelly.They had one daughter, Lisa Marie, and amicably divorced in 1973.Profession: Soldier, Musician, Actor, Singer Born: 1935-01-08 Credits: Love Me Tender, Blue Hawaii, Jailhouse Rock, Viva Las Vegas More Elvis Presley #7 of 2115 on The Greatest Musical Artists of All Time #4 of 269 on The Top Pop Artists of the 1960s #47 of 386 on The Greatest Classic Rock Bands #25 of 367 on The Greatest American Rock Bands : Aaliyah, 15 R.

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