Accomodating temperamental characteristics

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The description of my wand is: Wood: Pine, Core: Phoenix Feather, Flexibility: Rigid, Length: twelve inches (and something). What do you think of the symbolism behind short and long wands? Actually, I'm not sure whether my wand is long or short for a wand, so it's really hard to tell.What do you think of the symbolism behind short and long wands?I think it's interesting that it can show things related to character, but I only see my wand length as appropriate to my height, I think the other parts of the wand are far more important.My house is Hufflepuff and my wand is Pear with phoenix core. Pear wands seem to choose very kind people, warm-hearted and generous. It also mentions being respected and popular (I might not be the best person to judge that lol).Personally I think cores don't matter much, since they seem to relate more to the wand than to the wizard.

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