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That was part of the close, though not unproblematic relationship between the two countries since each gained independence.The refugees crossed the border legally and were able to freely disperse over the entire country and register with the UN Refugee Agency.Lebanon is one of the countries in the world that has taken in the most refugees.Over a million Syrians and Palestinians have fled to this country of just 6.2 million people.Furthermore, the researcher explains that the relationship between the Lebanese and the Syrian refugees is being strongly influenced by Lebanon’s prior experiences with Palestinian refugees.“A negative attitude towards refugees has become embedded in the collective memory of many Lebanese,” Yassin says.

Then there is the dilapidated state of its infrastructure.

Over eight months of political crises had finally been overcome.

The people hoped that this step would have a positive effect on the economy.

The majority of Lebanese who live in areas where Syrians have settled hold the refugees responsible for power and water shortages.

It is not rare for Lebanese to protest against Syrian businesses for luring away customers with low prices.

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