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Morris and Howard told Raydor that if they told her that, they could have jeopardized their two-year investigation into a international drug ring, a risk they could not take. The plan was a partial success, they got the cousin out of the house without alerting him of the FBI's investigation but they did not find the weapon.Raydor promised the FBI that she would not jeopardize their investigation and hatched a plan to get the cousin out of the house so Det. However, when the cousin met a "intuitive life strategist" who had been having an affair with the victim's wife along with his, both the cousin and the victim's wife started cursing each other out, inadvertently giving more evidence to support both the LAPD and the FBI in their cases.

In “”​​, Fritz has agreed to take the job as Deputy Chief of SOB and is at the point of retiring from the FBI to join the LAPD.During “”​​, Fritz works side-by-side with the LAPD to rescue two kidnapped children and their mother from the husband, who had kidnapped the three and murdered his parents who were in witness protection.Fritz insisted on leading the charge with SWAT instead of Andy Flynn, telling him to trust him as he could do "what needs to be done." During the raid, the hostages were rescued and Fritz killed the suspect who was firing at them with a submachine gun.However, taking the promotion would've forced them to move to DC along with many other complications and he turned it down, though he may be offered another promotion he wants to take in the future that will force them to discuss their options.Fritz admits that he hadn't told Brenda and had been so irritable because he was worried about making her choose between him and her job.

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