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“And there aren’t many media outlets still centered around one person.

She’s the engine.”In Huffington’s hyperlinked world, dinner parties, Davos summits, political roundtables—and even hikes and doctor visits—are all fodder for the Huff Po.

Central command is up the circular stairway in the corner, past the landing and hidden behind the sliding bookcase.

Here, in the Huffington Post’s West Coast bureau, an office resembling a college dorm room, four staffers keep tabs on the traffic.

“But she can also sit there and make you think you’re the only person on the planet.” Known for her sharp wit and her trademark Gabor-sister accent, “she’s as fast on her feet as any comedian,” says Ephron, who auditioned Huffington for a role in her 1998 film, after spotting her on TV debating liberal poster boy Al Franken.

And last June, the site expanded its coverage to include media, lifestyle, business and entertainment.

After contacting Ellen about Fully Dressed Spontaneous Pole Dancing, I .

Polished yet relaxed, her copper hair casually blown dry, not coiffed in the helmet of days gone by, Arianna Huffington dips into her blueberries and yogurt as if she has all the time in the world.

(The editorial office is in Manhattan.) Huffington jokes with them as she clicks on to 23/6, a new comedy site financed by Barry Diller’s IAC, in which the Huffington Post is a partner.

It’s an unlikely sight: a 57-year-old woman giddily surfing political campaign-ad parodies with her tech-savvy, twentysomething cohorts.

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