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It will be apparent, however, to one having ordinary skill in the art, that the invention may be practiced without these specific details.

In some instances, well-known features may be omitted or simplified, so as not to obscure the present invention.

Such roamers typically buy a local pre-paid subscription from the local network operator and use the local phone number to make outgoing calls.

Such roamers must also change the SIM in their mobile handset each time they roam in the local network, which is not convenient.

There are currently disadvantages for both the roaming user and the network operator.

For example, roamers who roam frequently between two countries often have a need for a local phone number in each network; either to enable local users to call them at a cheap rate without worrying about international direct dial IDD calls, or to present a multi-national appearance.

Another way can just be a proprietary IP interface.

Note that unless specifically specified, flows of other situations will follow industry norm and standard.

In this case, the foreign resident mobile simply sends a subscription text message to the SG which can be presented as an international number by the operator SG will provide one or a list of local numbers to the foreign resident mobile to select. Top up process for prepaid account of a local mobile number is omitted here.

There are many different mobile communications network operators throughout the world, each having its own territories, technical systems, and business systems.

Currently, roamers are typically not able to travel freely and have a seamless experience in any operator's network.

The method facilitates the forwarding of text messages i.

SMS or short message service and calls to the local mobile number to the associated foreign mobile number.

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The method further optionally handles the interface to the prepaid system at the native country mobile operator where the local mobile number is set up as a prepaid account for the foreign resident.

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