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We need to learn more from younger whippersnappers.I also wish that more of the leading current researchers in our top journals more openly shared on the AECM.I'm still a library crawler, but the stacks I wander through are now on the Web.The example that I'm trying to set in academe is one of open sharing.

Every successful entrepreneur and many top corporate people will tell you their key to success: I did what I felt driven to do at the moment.Another search engine that covers Trinity and other universities is at Click here for commercialization corruption of higher education --- Commercialization Click here for business school ranking controversies --- School Rankings For Fraud Updates go to For my Tidbits Directory go to I agree with you, we wouldn't want Bob any other way.Click here to search Bob Jensen's web site if you have key words to enter --- Search Site.For example if you want to know what Jensen documents have the term "Enron" enter the phrase Jensen AND Enron.

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