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The recommended way to install Parabola is by using the command line.This can be done via the MATE ISO (simply open a terminal window) but I decided to try the main ISO instead.Police in Odessa, Texas, report that five people were killed and 21 were injured in a shooting that began after a traffic stop. Welcome to this year's 37th issue of Distro Watch Weekly!The freedom to audit and modify software is one of the key ideas GNU/Linux distributions are based on.The ability to read and improve code is a large part of what draws developers to GNU, Linux and related projects.Finally, we are pleased to welcome the Clon OS project to our database.We wish you all a fantastic week and happy reading!

While exploring the live environment I did note several bugs in applications.

It seems the installer is an experimental feature - there is hardly any documentation about it and while going through the installation steps I got error after error.

The installation did finish but after rebooting my laptop I was presented with a completely black screen.

Installation My main concern before I started my trial was hardware support and I therefore first tried the live ISO for version 20 .

The 64-bit image is 2.2GB in size and boots to a rather pink-looking MATE desktop (the wallpaper and use of purple for elements like scroll bars reminded me of Pony OS).

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