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Stalin also killed hundreds of thousands of Belarusians.

In 1986, radioactive fallout from Chernobyl contaminated one-fifth of Belarus. Its cities were rebuilt after the war with beautiful parks and wide boulevards.

After the war Russians immigrated in sizable numbers to fill the marked labor shortage and as part of Stalins Russifcation program.

A substantial Jewish population was concentrated in the major cities prior to WWII, but most were either killed or fled.

The architecturally attractive prewar sections were restored or rebuilt. recognized Belarusian independence on December 25, 1991. works closely with Belarusian academic and humanitarian activities and has an extensive program of engagement with civil society and democratic forces.

Belarus is in the Eastern European Time Zone: GMT 2 hours. Population Last Updated: 11/28/2003 AM Today the population of Belarus is just under 10 million with a declining annual growth rate of negative 0.15percent (2001 est.).

Located between Russia and Poland, the country has changed hands several times over centuries, eventually coming under Czarist Imperial control as a result of the partitioning of Poland in the 18th century.

During World War II, some 30% of the population perished.

(July is the warmest month.) It can be cold from October to April.

Average winter temperatures are in the low teens and 20s F. Snow/ice can be expected from December to March, and occasionally into April. Spring, summer, and fall bring long hours of welcome light.

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Natural resources are timber and deposits of peat, granite, potassium salts, dolomitic limestone, and chalk.

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