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Then, I tried the same thing with one of primary key disabled in the WHERE clause of the plsql.

You should specify the exact table that you want to lock in your "for update" clause because otherwise you would end up locking all the tables - the order of the locking itself is not important (or is atomic - so does not come into play - it is the fact that more locks are acquired than necessary that is of concern.

The solution to this query is to specify the tables to be locked in the FOR UPDATE clause via the FOR option, or break the query into separate cursors such that each cursor locks a single table only.

Tom Could you kindly comment on the validity of the statement below: From what you told me my conclusions are: 1.

Consider the following cursor that attempts to lock qualifying rows: CURSOR lock_departure(x_dep_id NUMBER) IS SELECT DEP.

You should either break up the SQL statement into multiple single table cursors or specify the FOR August 22, 2003 - am UTC I think the deadlock concerns are way overrated probability of them happening is extremely small.

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