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When Kevin dropped out of medical school to try out for the Cleveland Browns as their 'wide-eyed, gape-mouthed faux animal' mascot, Chomps, the pair broke up, Daily Mail reports.Michelle then went on to meet future husband Barack when she graduated from Harvard Law.She met Princeton Tigers star Kevin, from Ohio, in her sophomore year, whom she described as "a near-impossible combination of tall, sweet, and rugged." "He's a safety for the Tigers, fast on his feet and fearless with his tackles, and at the same time pursuing pre-med studies," she gushed."He's two years ahead of me at school, in the same class as my brother, and soon to graduate.Speaking to the magazine, Upchurch claimed he could not remember much about the dates but blamed himself for the break-up.

"I don't remember whether Kevin actually found the perfect animal suit that day.I'm not sure whether he landed the mascot job in the end, though he did ultimately become a doctor, evidently a very good one, and married another Princeton classmate of ours." Ultimately, Michelle met Barack when she left Harvard Law School and was working at the Chicago office of Sidley & Austin.According to her, he was already popular and had been hailed by one of the managing partners as the "most gifted law student she'd ever encountered".She described him as an "exotic geek" for whom she felt a "toppling blast of lust".However, when it came to Barack's political abilities, Michelle was skeptical for years fearing he was "too earnest, too full of valiant plans" in order to succeed as a state senator in Illinois.

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