Classic christian principles of dating

It’s not what’s best for you today,” her father had replied. She kept looking this way and that, fearful least her father see her. Her father had planned to spend the afternoon with her…and she had missed it. How could he complain when his father was with them? “It will be summer again soon enough,” he told James as they headed out the door. “I’m sure father wouldn’t give us more work to do than we could handle,” he reflected. Besides keeping the crops watered and the grass mowed, there wasn’t much to do. And while he liked excitement just as much as his brother, Eric chose to use the quiet summer season to spend extra special time with his father. Deborah’s father forced back the tears as he watched his daughter leave. He was known far and wide for both his infinite patience and love as well as for His justice and wrath. His orders were always good, and he personally found a way to care for each of the soldiers who volunteered for his little band.

To her horror, she noticed that she had hit her father’s favorite picture when she fell! Normally, Rebecca would have hurried immediately to her father after such a fall so he could doctor her up and make her feel better. Biting her lips to keep from crying out, Rebecca grabbed the ruined picture and hobbled to her room. Her body ached from the bruises she received on her fall. She felt certain that her father would no longer love her. Tonight was no exception.“Rebecca, dear,” she said firmly, but gently. But you must not continue in your wrongness by sitting here. Your father loves you because you’re his daughter, not because of anything you do or don’t do. ”Doubt his word—that was an angle Rebecca had never thought of before. ”Deborah could hear the pain in her father’s voice. You’ll find that many, many things will try to distract you.”Michael couldn’t imagine anything distracting him from the horizon or the general’s voice.The general shook his head and gently admonished the young private, “Don’t let your desire to show off distract you.True marching isn’t about lifting those knees in show; it’s about putting one step in front of the other in sync with my commands.”Michael hung his head. Now won’t you come and let me help you with those bruises? shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or peril, or sword? James’ words brought the weight of all that needed done pressing down on Eric’s shoulders. Although sometimes your actions will result in consequences you could have avoided, nothing can ever separate you from my love. They had more things to do than they could ever hope to finish.

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