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It’s far better to be yourself up front rather than tell a silly lie in the beginning, only to be found out and have a potential relationship fall apart. The last thing anyone wants is to send a message to someone and in the response, hear all about their past failed relationships, health problems, or financial woes.You can share the doom and gloom after you get to know each other a little bit.

Most of us are looking for someone that is a little more mature, someone that has potential for being a lifetime partner.

(If they send 4 a week, you send 4 or so a week.)So How Do You Write That First Email?

When replying to personal ads, try to be, well, personable.

Don’t give up too much information, but tell them enough to get them interested.

You are trying to get a conversation going, so asking questions is a good idea, as long as you don’t ask too many.

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  1. How Your Race Affects The Messages You Get Ok Trends I'm not talking about being "open to an interracial relationship," I mean what are people who look for an interracial relationship looking for?