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Instead, Malamud envisages, researchers could crawl over its text and data with computer software, scanning through the world’s scientific literature to pull out insights without actually reading the text.

The unprecedented project is generating much excitement because it could, for the first time, open up vast swathes of the paywalled literature for easy computerized analysis.

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Carl Malamud is on a crusade to liberate information locked up behind paywalls — and his campaigns have scored many victories.

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Malamud and Lynn have held workshops at Indian government laboratories and universities to explain the idea.

“Our position is that what we are doing is perfectly legal,” he says.

For the moment, he is proceeding with caution: the JNU data depot is air-gapped, meaning that no one can access it from the Internet.

Dozens of research groups already mine papers to build databases of genes and chemicals, map associations between proteins and diseases, and generate useful scientific hypotheses.

But publishers control — and often limit — the speed and scope of such projects, which typically confine themselves to abstracts, not full text.

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But 15 publishers have not responded or have denied permission.

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