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Earlier this month, the FTC announced the proposed settlement of its investigation into Zango, makers of advertising software widely installed onto users’ computers without their consent or without their informed consent (among other bad practices). But despite these strong provisions, bad practices continue at Zango — practices that, in our judgment, put Zango in violation of the key terms and requirements of the FTC settlement.

We begin by explaining the proposed settlement’s requirements.

Zango tell users that ads are "based on" users’ browsing.

But this disclosure is not enough, because it omits a material fact.

Zango’s use of the word "advertisements," with nothing more, suggests that Zango’s ads appear in standard advertising formats — formats users are more inclined to tolerate, like ordinary banner ads within web pages (e.g.

Using simulations, we consider the changes that result from a search engine’s choice of reserve price and from changes in the number of participating advertisers.

Finally, if a user ultimately presses the "Play Now " button, then the "Open" button on the standard Open/Save box that follows, Zango installs immediately, without any further opportunity for users to learn more or to change their mind.

Such a rapid installation is contrary to standard Windows convention of further disclosures within an EXE installer, providing further opportunities for users to learn more and to change their minds. All in all, we think typical users would be confused by this screen — unable to figure out who it comes from, what it seeks to do, or what exactly will occur if they press the Play Now button.

Except where otherwise indicated, this document describes only downloads we tested during November 2006 — current, recent installations and behaviors.

Zango’s Burdens Under the Proposed FTC Settlement The FTC’s proposed settlement with Zango imposes a number of important requirements and burdens on Zango, including Zango’s installation and advertising practices.

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