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The 49-year-old investigator was handed an anonymous Crime Stoppers report concerning an incident at Buca di Beppo, an Italian chain restaurant in nearby Glendale.An onlooker had noticed a male diner abandon his date, and filled out an online report.US Weekly and CNN called him the “Dine-and-Dash Dater.” Online, Gonzales sparked a national conversation fueled by gender politics.Some people argued that for decades women have done the same thing to men by expecting them to pick up the check.Even when Gonzales was arrested, for a “snip-and-ditch”—he fled a barber’s shop with the smock still tied around his neck—police found no outstanding warrants.His dates were too ashamed to report his dining misdeeds. On April 13, 2018, Detective Victor Cass was summoned to his sergeant’s office at the Pasadena Police Department.“I just sat there dumbfounded,” she recalled, “I was mortified, embarrassed.” In July 2016, Lynise Levine, 52, said Paul had promised her Barbra Streisand tickets, but ditched her at a Mexican restaurant in Westwood.

“I wish I could take care of your bill,” she sobbed. She paid the 0 bill and marched out, imagining the cost of the meal in emergency room hours. His name was not Paul Azini, as he had told Moon, but Gonzales. His victims all thanked Moon for being ‘their voice.’ “Us girls need to stick together,” Moon replied, and decided to put it all behind her.“Then the media happened,” she said.Perfectly groomed at all times, he looked like a hunk from a barber shop poster.His profile photos included tight-vest selfies taken in a gym’s mirror, and portraits with his two sons, whom he dressed in immaculate matching outfits. I love sports, music, water sports and traveling, and dining out and try[ing] new things,” his profile evening in the spring of 2016, Marjorie Moon slipped off her scrubs and washed the emergency room out of her long blond hair.She stepped into a dress and high heels, transforming herself from a tired trauma nurse into a hot date.

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Smooth-talking Paul shared her love for fine dining, and invited her to the Tam O’Shanter, one of LA’s oldest eateries.

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  1. A large upsurge in complaints occurred after a conversation between Lloyd and O'Meara was shown, during which Lloyd mentioned that she didn't like Shetty touching her food because she didn't "know where her hands have been".