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In the years of it's existence, Point Hope has saved countless lives, brought clean water, sanitation, nutritional and agricultural programs, women's training and education to these refugees. Julia Chapman is an author living north of England.It was dirty, crime-filled, lacked clean water, food and every other basic necessity.It's an understatement to say it broke my heart; I was motivated to take action and help.

What she may not know is that Samson was dismissed from his last job with the police force.

Delilah decides to consider others for the office space and eventually decides that Samson O’Brien would make as good a tenant as any.

So with him moved in, things are actually looking up.

Concerts, Fly-Away’s, Gift Packages, Books, Music, the list goes on. If you made a dedication, shared a dilemma, or we were able to chat for a few moments, you can make a request for an audio download. Trying new recipes with my kids and cooking gigantic meals for the people I love gives me the greatest joy. Welcome to my home, come join us on some of the adventures!

Check back often, as you never know when I’ll run across something so fabulous I’ll feel the need to share it with you! Give us a little information about the date, time, and a few other things, and we'll make it happen! and they don't just share their latest works, we GET REAL about life and love and what motivates us. Right now there are a half-million kids in foster care throughout America; less than five percent who will ever have permanency through adoption.

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Stagg has also written a few novels that were set in the French Pyrenees but is now writing crime fiction under her other pen name.

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