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The sites that the creator tools help you create look stale and the biggest problem is thousands of novice webmasters spam these sites across all sorts of social media platforms. One would assume such a large company as Dating Factory is that they would operate with honesty and some degree of transparency.

When you start your own dating site on a shared platform (where you don’t control the user-experience or manage the database, there a number of important factors to heavily weigh before making a decision).

This sort of begs the question., “If I as someone who refers thousands of webmasters to top programs had that experience, what would someone with zero clout experience?

We worked with Dating Factory for about 1.5 years and saw employees come and go and things never take a turn for the better.

In my discussions with top management, best talent in the organization seemed to have the same concerns we did as a partner.

Dating Factory over time made numerous promises that time and time again they failed to keep.

Instituting more standards for the sites and focusing on providing a better user experience was the BIGGEST reason we left, there was no motivation to improve the end-user experience but just to get more partners. Dating factory customizations / about how it works: Dating Factory enables you to create a dating site that looks and feels like their stock platform.

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