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However, due to some problems with the congregational members, they had quit ISKCON permanently and had joined another kind of yoga group(sahaja yoga). He doesn't likes Krishna consciousness and he does not even accepts the vedic scriptures as a legitimate source of knowledge.He insists that the Hare Krishna philosophy is somewhat fake as he never felt any special feelings/power/sensations as he could now by practising sahaja yoga.He is willing to become a vegetarian but he told me that if we get married, our children should be allowed to choose whichever religion he/she wants to follow.(he practices demigod worship and does many kind of rituals). My children should only be raised as Krishna devotees because that is the sole purpose of producing children, to raise Krishna conscious children.

Despite being unable to attend mangal aratis and feasts or get to consume prasadam, I am still a vegetarian. As we are not allowed to cook in the hostel, an Indian lady supplies vegetarian food(with onion and garlic) daily. I am not very clear about how I feel towards him but I know it is hard to live without him because both of us love each other.Plans for expansion include inviting qualified couples from other ISKCON centres around the UK to join the team and represent devotees from their own communities.Bhaktivedanta Manor Managing Director, Gauri das, expressed his opinion as follows: “Marriage is the biggest decision and responsibility of our lives, and one in regard to which ISKCON has to provide more help.ISKCON UK GBC, Praghosa das, had this to say about the new website: “Knowing all the wonderful devotees involved with running, I am very confident that this facility will be a fantastic resource for one and all finding the right marriage partner, and I wish all who use this resource the very best in finding their lifelong soulmate.” The service is available for anyone who is chanting the Hare Krishna mantra on a daily basis and following religious principles, and who can provide 2 character references from senior ISKCON devotees, such as mentors or service authorities.As well as matchmaking services, the team will be developing training courses for marriage, and they also offer pre­ and post­marital counselling on request.

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  1. Indeed, our relationships play an important role in our overall mental and physical well-being and our relationships are a better predictor of how long we'll live than smoking or obesity!