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The most notable impact this will have for most visitors, other than noticing the more 'crowded' feeling, is the financial costs that come with visiting during peak visitation periods (i.e.; holidays and summer months).

Hotel and other accommodation rates, will alternatively tend to fall - sometimes dramatically - during periods of low visitation.

Water temperatures usually rise above the 80°F (26°C) mark during the Summer months.

The tradewinds are also calmer during this time of the year as well, resulting in less surf on the northern shores (e.g., better for snorkeling, swimming, etc.) on each island.

The summer months are always the warmest on the island, and temperatures can reach as high as 90 °F (32 °C) under the right conditions.

Combined with the high humidity, the heat can occasionally be unpleasant for some travelers not accustomed to it.

Many folks from the West Coast of the mainland (or even from neighboring Oahu) will jump over to the less-visited islands for the holiday(s).

Visitors will benefit from reading over this entire article, but you can also skip directly to the What Month to Visit Hawaii Quiz →First and foremost, we highly recommend checking a local Hawaii Calendar of Events prior to scheduling your trip, thus allowing you to determine what is and what is not occurring on the island of your choice ahead of time.

We've detailed a few of the major events (specifically on the Big Island) below.

Typically, the summer months, as a whole, result in less visitor demand.

This fact will benefit visitors in the form of lower rates for both accommodations and rental vehicles.

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