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Before you embark on this endeavor, so you’ll have to ask two key questions: Am I ready to go in gently, and what do I have to offer this woman?The woman you’re interested has had her honor violated.

Anyway, if you want to seduce her, you need to let her talk about her experience…and you need to show her that you can have a conversation about someone other than yourself.→Bethe man her ex wasn’t: By “talking about the divorce,” I of course also meant talking about the shortcomings of her ex-husband.If you want her to notice you, you have to show her that you value her as a person.During your first interactions, you have to pay attention to her, and her alone: her life, her hobbies, her future, herself… Do not talk about her ex-husband (unless she brings it up herself), and do not try to compare her experience with yours. Some tact will be required if you want to seduce a divorced woman.

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