Dating scams domain names

May I ask what services/business your company would be doing with the name?

Many thanks, Matt Lowe Dear Matt , Based on your company having no relationship with them, we have suggested they should choose another name to avoid this conflict but they insist on this name as CN/Asia domain names (and and cn and cn and cn) and internet keyword on the internet.

They want to register ” squelchdesign ” as their internet keyword and China/Asia (CN/ASIA) domain names.

But after checking it, we find this name conflicts with your company.

In the middle of December 2012 an individual in China calling himself simply “John” attempted to scare me into registering the .asia, .cn, cn, cn and cn versions of my website’s address using a Chinese Domain Name Scam.

The individual responsible is almost certainly one Pan Xiaohong of Shanghai, who failed to convince me to purchase a single thing from him.

Any companies or individuals have rights to register any domain name and internet keyword which are unregistered.

Because your company haven’t registered this name as CN/ASIA domains and internet keyword on the internet, anyone can obtain them by registration.

You must know domain name takes open registration, this is international domain name registration principle. As a domain name registrar, we have no right to refuse their application.Many thanks, Matt Lowe Dear Sirs, Our company has submitted the “squelchdesign ” as CN/Asia domain name and Internet Keyword, we are waiting for Mr. We think this name is very important for our products in Chinese and Asian market. John advises us to change another name, we will persist in this name.Best regards Lin Jian Fa Immediately I smelt a rat, the style of the speech was absolutely identical to John’s, as was the formatting and with similar incorrect usage of punctuation.854 Nandan Road, Xuhui District, Shanghai 200070, China Tel: 86 216191 8696 Mobile: 86 1870199 4951 Fax: 86 216191 8697 Web: telling me they want to encroach on my company’s name.The guys over at Tech Republic received an incredibly similar email back in 2009.

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