Dating secrets of the ten commandments

Aimed primarily at a readership with specialist interest in both, The Ashgate Research Companion to Contemporary Religion and Sexuality offers an innovative and refreshing analysis of key theoretical and empirical issues in an increasingly relevant and expanding area of academic interest.

The Companion comprises five main thematic sections, each with chapters ranging across a variety of crucial topics traversing various faith traditions.

The Ashgate Research Companion to Contemporary Religion and Sexuality provides academics and students with a comprehensive and authoritative state-of-the-art review of current research in the area of sexuality and religion, broadly defined.

This collection of expert essays offers an inter-disciplinary study of the important aspects of sexuality and religion, calling upon sociological, cultural, historical and theological contributions to an under-researched subject.

Searching for a Soul Mate Rather Than a Partner 15 -- 1 Primacy: Make Your Date Know That He or She Comes First 36 -- 2 Exclusivity: Making Your Date Your One and Only 52 -- 3 Confidence: Believe in Yourself and Others Will Believe in You or: Why Bulls--t Is Blasphemy 72 -- 4 Sacred Moments: The Gift of Time 92 -- 5 Gratitude: Being Grateful for the Gift of Life 128 -- 6 Compliments: Building Up--Not Bringing Down 150 -- 7 Mystery: Sexual Focus 171 -- 8 Sincerity: Respect for Others--The Real Importance of Not Stealing 207 -- 9 Trust: A Good Name 239 -- 10 Contentment: Being Happy with What You Have 255 -- Last Word: Take the Two Tablets and Find Your Soul Mate 282.

Drawing on the ancient wisdom of the Ten Commandments, this book describes how to: Turn your date into a meeting of mind, body, heart, and soul Make your date feel like the happiest person in the world--because he or she has you!

The Companion focuses on the exploration of diverse religious faiths, spiritualities, and sexualities with contributions that embrace many contrasting approaches related to the contemporary context.

Are there Old Testament roots of the veneration of the Blessed Virgin Mary?The result is breathtaking, and like all Barker's work, is impossible to put down.The fascinating history of Spiritualism is coaxed into the material realm as the object of this perceptive and sweeping overview by that legendary author of the occult and supernatural, Raymond Buckland.Collectively, they offer an inter-disciplinary and comprehensive survey of sexuality and religion.Why do American husbands come home from work too exhausted to interact with their families?

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