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Ask him where the relationship is going and if he is vague or doesn’t want to commit, leave.

It’s totally possible to fall in love and start getting close to each other while also having sex but your new guy should be starting to treat you like a girlfriend.

He should text you often, make plans to hang out and he should generally enjoy spending time with you outside the bedroom.

Does he put on his clothes and head home after or does he enjoy post sex cuddles and sleeping over?

The fact that it’s old school doesn’t make it bad advice and the perfect number of how many dates you should go on before you sleep with someone will be different for everyone.

If your new guy sees you as a potential girlfriend rather than a booty call, you’ll be able to tell.

So, how many dates before you have sex with your new guy?

Most relationship gurus and matchmakers say that you shouldn’t have sex with a new guy until the two of you are in an exclusive relationship.

When there’s an emotional connection, I want to find out about our physical chemistry sooner rather than later. Do you have issues with sex where you have to shower immediately after? I won’t know if it’s a deal breaker until I experience the awkwardness IRL.

Women are frequently told how to respect their bodies and what to do with them. I have never been one-hundred-percent certain of what I’m looking for until I’ve spent some substantial time with someone.

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