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Today, I will talk about my experience of visiting Jakarta for 2 weeks. Ultimately, Jakarta was a rather random decision but I’ve heard good things about this place & the fact that tourism there is practically non-existent made me curious. Got my SIM card right outside of the terminal, then headed to the taxi stand to get a queue number. Be aware that there’s another taxi company that uses similar branding to Blue Bird …This visit was solely for the purpose of doing a visa-run; to leave Thailand and apply for a new 3 month tourist visa. Vietnam I had been to already, the Philippines didn’t excited me. For better understanding, I will compare all aspects – dating, nightlife, culture – to Bangkok, Thailand. It’s pretty much identical to Bangkok (Suvarnabhumi Airport) in that you can either get a ticket number for your taxi at the machine or you hire a taxi privately. Taxi meter on and in less than 40 minutes I arrived at my Air Bnb condo in South Jakarta. I’m a big fan of Air Bnb and on this trip, I decided to rent a condo that’s located on top of a shopping mall & supermarket.Everything else – from the food I eat to working on projects – remains the same and I wouldn’t want it any other way.The Air Bnb apartment I stayed at was per night, quite spacious. I was never asked to check-in girls at any condo I’ve rented there.) The first few days were spent checking out half a dozen malls during the day.Speaking of online dating, as you might know I am not the biggest fan of it.Nevertheless, I find it useful here and there as an alternative to pay for play. What I mean is that after going on a date, I am reassured in my decision to do pay for play.After day 5, my mate left and I did some online dating.

The pay for play scene here reminds me a lot of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam where most places appear to be completely dead from the outside. Packed massage place, looked quite fancy and had pool, sauna, steaming room, etc.Some bars & massage places there but overall it looked pretty deserted.About as empty as Soi Cowboy at 5 in the morning when everything has been closed and perhaps a few girls still wandering around. By the way, for getting around in Jakarta, I recommend you use Grab Taxi as there won’t always be taxis around and driving past.I can do a lot myself but I don’t boast because I think it’s normal when a use a computer, cook tasty dishes...I like to wear jean trouser with TJust ordinary man, down to earth, active, i like water sport, hiking, photography, reading, listen music, I'm 5.

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