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Any request for a refund will be considered at the sole discretion of ELITESINGLES.

(f) You are not permitted to transfer any service or feature of the App to any other person.

ELITESINGLES is not responsible if, during the contract period, no contact is made.

However, this does not apply if, as part of a paid membership, you elect to take out a Contact Guarantee ("Contact Guarantee”).

If you are not happy with the cost of any services offered on the App, you may cease using the App or terminate your membership.

(e) Except as provided herein or required by the applicable law, you will not be entitled to any refund of any payments made by you in respect of a paid membership.

1.6 All personal information provided by you to ELITESINGLES at the time of your registration will be treated in accordance with the privacy policy.

These conditions are accepted by the entirety of our community during the registration stage by checking the option entitled “I accept the Terms and Conditions & Privacy Policy.” Any deviations from these specified conditions are not accepted.

If you do not want to agree to these Terms of Use or the Privacy Policy, you must not access or use the app.

For information on how to use the service or for a simple cancellation of your membership, please follow our in-app instructions.

(c) In order to make a claim for compensation under a Contact Guarantee you must first have complied with the following obligations for the duration of the Contact Guarantee: (i) For a: (A) Six (6) month membership, you must have sent at least 4 self-formulated messages to other ELITESINGLES members; (B) Twelve (12) month membership, you must have sent at least 8 self-formulated messages to other ELITESINGLES members; (ii) Completed in full the “My Profile” and “My Search” sections of your account; (iii) Uploaded at least one profile picture to your account; (iv) Maintained an active paid account; (v) Regularly logged on to your account; (vi) Provided written notice to ELITESINGLES via the Customer Care contact form found under the ‘Feedback’ link of its failure to meet the conditions of the Contact Guarantee prior to the expiry of your account.

(d) If, following your giving notice pursuant to clause 2.4(c)(vi) above, ELITESINGLES accepts that it has failed to comply with the Contact Guarantee, you will be entitled to a new subscription for the same term as your subscription at the time you took out the Contact Guarantee at no additional cost.

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