Error updating boot rom

When using a silent PC, generally speaking, you are already dealing with higher temperatures than you would with a standard build.

Overclocking exponentially increases those heat levels in your PC, putting more wear and tear on your components.

However, if you run into BIOS problems, the following are the most common reasons for BIOS errors and computer instability that we have run into, and how to update your BIOS in order to fix the following problems.

Setting your BIOS back to orginal settings is also referred to as restoring your BIOS settings.

Silent (Cool Tech PC) saves all of our BIOS settings under the BIOS profiles tab, which most modern motherboards support.

Most of the time adding a new flash drive or hard drive to your PC should not be an issue, since all of the ports in our PCs are tested thoroughly.

Yet, we cannot test every component or piece of equipment customers choose to add to their machine, later on down the road.

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If the error is not present when the new device is removed, then there could be an incompatibility issue between the new device and your system, or the new device may be defective.

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