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She’s She’s being thrown like a rag doll inside the roll cage of the car. There’ There’ss no trace of life l ife in i n those eyes. The car flips again and she’s thrown out of the windshield. At the breakfast table, his mother noticed Daman’s discomfort.

I try opening my eyes, now flooded with blood rom my forehead. I look for signs of her but can only see my own gory reflection staring stari ng back. A stray piece of metal pierces through my shoulder blade like a hot axe through butter and pins me to the seat. Many faces showed up but none of them seemed like the girl from his dreams. At least in today’s nightmare the girl was behind the wheel; she was dead because she was driving, not because of him.

A shooting pain rises in my chest when the seat belt pushes me back.

It feels feel s like lik e I can reach out and hold her face but my hands move move slowly through the air. hear my own ribs snap like dry twigs against the impact of the seat belt. Suddenly, the car flips over the railing and slams into a truck on the opposite side of road. Through Through the pain, I’m looking at her once-beautiful once-beautif ul face, the face f ace fell in love with, now a chaos of blood, distended tissue, and shards of bone and broken teeth.

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