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I can honestly say that the blog world was a life line for me the minute we choose Maggie from the COP list ...You have encouraged me, prayed w/ me and for me and at times after bringing my sweet, spicy girl home you were my only outside contact and support ... Now on to the super, cool, amazing encounter w/ my new friends ...In the beginning we didn't think so..we had some really bad moments, but those have calmed and we are working through them. the wondering if we are doing the right thing, the right way.The effect it has on the younger 2 has been icky too... We wanted to keep our girls in contact w/ each other and we became our own unique family. )I can't tell you what a blessing blogging has been to my life, at first it was just a way to keep in touch w/ our Pingjiang Families.

Including threading and pulling up the bobbin thread as well as putting in the bobbin on both the long arm and domestic machines.

I was surprised how much of the procedure requires my right hand. Also, do not schedule what you think will be a nothing procedure with little downtime when you have a few deadlines hanging over your head!

Happy Birthday to my bff Michelle and to my beloved cousin Katy!!! Second let me first say that my son takes after me in the clumsy department.

and loving the four treasures he loaned to us Lily is so much fun.

scream everytime I even picked up a comb or brush, let alone ponytail holders. She seems to like it, and I KNOW my in-laws are just going to HAVE A COW, but I figure someday she will "get" what iit all means to have longer hair and then we will grow it again.

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so we want to make sure we are making all the right choices for them.

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