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Mainly that friendship between a man and woman is more important than the love that most people talk about as being the key to a successful relationship. Naturally these questions are provided as guidelines for you to use as you prepare for your first date.

If you and your date plan to head to the movie theater, opt for that comedy you’ve heard rave reviews about, or whatever other genre you’re sure you won’t result in tears. If your date is a male, take specific note of a study from Science Express. Some of us can’t hold tears back (I cry at everything...

Don’t go overboard with this, but try to mimic moves subtly where possible, such as taking a sip of your drink when your date does, or shifting your body in your chair when they do.

No one in the history of dating ever wanted to be perceived as boring, so let’s quickly discuss a way to be more interesting.

Michael Scott dating advice deserves its own Dundie.

What Michael from says about dating is often absurd, but never lacking in brutal honesty.

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