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signed its first record deal, and only 20 when the duo’s first album, , reached number one in the U. In the below interview, reprinted from our October 1988 issue, Michael is 25 years old and fresh off the success of his debut solo album . George Michael is having a club sandwich and a diet cola for lunch.He’s wearing a black crew-neck t-shirt, slightly worn blue jeans (fashionably torn at the knee), and black Western-style boots.(Sales were helped by the controversy around “I Want Your Sex,” which was banned by numerous radio stations across the country.) In a year’s time, the LP has sold more than 10 million copies worldwide.Five consecutive singles from the album rose to number one on the pop charts, a feat achieved by only one other individual in pop history—Michael Jackson.

They held a private funeral for the star in March 2017 and reportedly did not invite Fawaz.They also implied that he was heavily involved with drugs, and accusation he has since denied. and from partner Ridgeley—who reportedly suffered a nervous breakdown—to embark upon a solo career.Last year, he released his debut album, , which became an immediate sensation.His hair is perfectly coiffed, and his three-day growth of stubble is carefully groomed.Unlike so many stars who barely resemble in person their photographic or celluloid images, George Michael looks very much like, well, George Michael. He is about to play three sold-out concerts in New York’s Madison Square Garden and has been on the road for nearly seven months now.

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