Georgia law on dating while divorcing

It is the court in equity that will determine the amount and length of alimony.This means that the court will consider all of the financial needs and abilities of the parties and make a determination of what is the need of the requesting party, what is the ability to pay off the other party and for how long should this alimony be paid.A qualifying event does not allow you to change your type of coverage (i.e., PPO to United Healthcare or Prepaid Dental to Regular Dental).It is the employee’s responsibility to submit required documents within the time allowed (30 days).If there is a long term marriage and the requesting spouse has been dependent on the other spouse for support for these years the court will grant permanent alimony and not abandon the requesting spouse to the retirement years without income or employment.However, the court will consider the requesting spouse’s receipt of pensions and/or other retirement assets.

Rarely the courts do grant permanent or long term spousal support and this is usually reserved for special circumstances.However, if the requesting spouse has employment the ability to make an argument based on need is substantially reduced.The court looks at the needs of the requesting spouse and weighs those needs against the ability of the other spouse to pay.Very rarely do courts award the traditional lifetime or permanent alimony many people fear or expect based on the past history of the courts and the issues of alimony.Today the issue of spousal support is usually dealt with on a temporary or transitional basis and limited to a certain period of time.

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You will need to cancel spouse life coverage within 30 days.

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