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In the new proposal, this allocation will be used to fill the visa allocations for high-skilled and family-based immigration.This technically removes the diversity visa lottery. These legal immigrants (green card holders) have been in the country for a minimum of five years.Only authorized persons are allowed to sign forms filed by legal entities and corporations. Immigration Law guide also states that the person who is authorized to sign forms must work for the petitioner.However, the power of attorney signatures will still be honored if they are done on behalf of people with disabilities or those who are below 14 years of age. The USCIS will also outright reject a form that does not follow the new guidelines.Earlier this year, he said that he was amenable to a new plan for immigration, which could give a road to citizenship for the DREAMers among other things.The administration is also thinking of reducing family-based immigration.The surge in applications creates a major backlog in the processing of immigrants who are eligible for U. According to the latest available figures, around 783,330 immigrants filed citizenship application from January to September 2017.In 2016, the total number of applications reached 971,242.

Another development in the immigration issues is the removal of a phrase from the mission statement of the USCIS.

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