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3992B production was from 1943 to19B had a serial number starting with 4C, total production of 142,000 and higher.. The myth about the "Officer's Model" 4992B in the Coin Silver Case, is just that, a Myth. All 4992Bs in silver cases should have serial numbers from "43 ... in April 1943 the spec's were changed to allow the use of a "non-critical" alloy, in order to conserve Nickel, the major component of "Base Metal". Among the high-profile names, there is one in particular who took Hamilton’s breath away; Jodia Ma.A Hong-Kong city girl, Ma and Hamilton met while they were students at the Cambridge Arts and Science College.

The couple was a public item before it ended in April 2008.And as fast as he drives cars, Hamilton is equally speedy when it comes to dating women!So, the question of the hour is: who is Lewis Hamilton dating currently? When someone takes a look at Lewis Hamilton’s dating history, it would look like a Casanova’s little black book!Back when Hamilton was trying to make it big on the race track, he had a fleeting romance with Danielle Lloyd, former Miss England and Miss Great Britain.They met at a party and they could immediately sense a spark between them.

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