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It’s not easy trying to figure out if a girl that you are head over heels for is truly interested in you or not. If a girl is excited or eager to talk with you, that’s a pretty clear-cut signal she wants to get to know you better. Let’s start with a few pointers that indicate a girl is interested in you to figure this loaded question out.If her arms are crossed that means she either has a beef to pick with you or she isn’t interested in you at all. If a cute girl is telling you that she is single and asking what your status is, that’s a totally clear-cut sign she would like to get to know you better.If you pass by this, you really don’t want a relationship in any shape or form. This is an excellent sign you are getting the pole position in her life and you are best to be open and honest and make the best of it.Why would she be suggesting things in the future if she wasn’t hoping it would be with you? It’s how we communicate with the people we want to converse with.If this girl is texting you on a routine basis, that’s a good sign she likes you. And if she is texting you at night before she goes to bed and first thing in the morning, you’ve got it made.You should be able to tell from the look in her eye whether or not she’s genuine.

If this girl you have your eye on, is quick and excited to accept any invitation to spend time together, then she likes you too.

I don’t think anyone likes the person they have eyes for flirting with anyone else.

Understand, there are different ways a girl might handle this. Or she might tell you straight up she doesn’t like you talking with other girls.

If you skip past this one, you don’t deserve her, just saying.

If a girl decides to reach over and touch you, she is totally into you.

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Even when we hang out with people, all eyes are on the cells. If she puts her phone away when she’s with you, then you’re on the right track. I’m not talking “stalker” follows but rather just giving you enough likes or comments to let you know she’s there.

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  1. "Singles of all ages, sexual orientations, races, ethnicities, and genders report that an enthusiastic, caring, and communicative partner are the key ingredients for a pleasurable sexual experience, which further emphasizes that affirmative consent and mutual respect and engagement is paramount to good sex." Good (Consensual) Sex: Regardless of gender or sexual orientation, 83% of singles regard a caring partner and enthusiastic partner as the top ingredients of good sex, followed by communication (78%), being a good kisser (76%) and achieving an orgasm (75%).

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