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Fishing rods come in many sizes, actions, lengths and configurations depending on whether they are to be used for small, medium or large fish or in different fresh or salt water situations.

If you don't own at least one, you are missing out.

Fly rods are used to cast artificial flies, spinning rods and bait casting rods are designed to cast baits or lures.

Ice fishing rods are designed to fish through small holes in ice covered lakes.

The second volume had cards set into the pages with the flies and it was in good condition.

Mr Campbell says: "We sold a box of flies, a Malloch fly cabinet a metal box with 12 lift-out trays and a leather case. All the trays had clips on it; the clips held the flies. It was an Edwardian artefact." Even wicker creels the baskets into which fishermen put the ones that didn't get away while casting for the ones that did can earn a tidy sum.

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