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Charcoal drawing of three of Quantrill's guerrillas: Fletcher Taylor (left), Frank James (sitting), and Jesse James (right).

Fletch and Jesse are dressed in suits and hats; Frank is hatless and in uniform. Drawing is signed by the artist with "93" immediately below the signature.

At the bottom right corner, "Ben Bloomfield" is written in different handwriting and black ink. Charcoal portrait of Bob Younger in suit coat, shirt, and tie.

The drawing is not signed but is attributed to Anna Lee (Dillenbeck) Stacey. )" is written in black ink at the lower right corner.

Below the man in the center is "FRANK." Right below the artist signature on the right is "Frank James" with "JESSE" penciled below.

This portrait appears more likely to be Frank James.

Charcoal portrait of unidentified person in cloak, shirt, and hat with plume andfive stars on the hatband.

Charcoal portrait of Cole Younger dressed in suit coat, vest, shirt, and tie.

In the lower right corner, "Cole Younger" is written in black ink.

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At the bottom right corner, "Frank James" is written in different handwriting and black ink. Charcoal portrait drawing of Archibald Clements (sometimes spelled Clement) with a cigar in his mouth, dressed in a suit with a cravat and holding a pistol. Below the artist's signature is "Arch Clements" written in different handwriting and black ink.

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