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The 1960s was the decade dominated by the Vietnam War, Civil Rights Protests, Cuban Missile Crisis, antiwar protests and saw the assassinations of US President John F. She worked with Jerry Seinfeld on several episodes of the popular comedy series Seinfeld. Married Straight Brody Tate Janeane Garofalo has no children. I don't see it again and the fast show yes doesn't hold up when you get older but I love it and that'swhy I watch father brown which I don't love but that guy from yes I show %HESITATION end end Catherine Tate I think it's fantastic and Tracey Ullman spent as I think that she doesn't get enough credit Tracey Ullman because I think like the people think she's too mainstreamand I want to give her she's phenomenal yeah she's very very good and %HESITATION Catherine Tate is very good and there's a number there's so much good British comedy now dad's army and are you being served in ello allowed some of the others are which is so unfortunatethat PBS fix those up is a bummer I'm not the best %HESITATION and I don't know who's making these decisions and also over the years coronation street and East Enders has always been a few years since I was a child effect so I'm as excited as anyone East Enders startingfrom scratch at noon today yes I've actually already started on %HESITATION it's either I think on yesterday okay from the beginning I'm actually I I I remember as a kid just when I was home sick from school actually that coronation street's opening a corner of the room asyou being home sick at school but PBS picks the weirdest things to bring what's your actions what is it about something like that Chris Morris for example an intelligence if that's what simplicity intelligence and that they don't spoon feed you anything he he is working at the topof his intelligence as is every do Mc Cann and all of you know all that actually smack the pony should have been better than it was I think it I think is very good but I I think that it doesn't hold up actually after a while but %HESITATION II respect all of those people very much and every single person on the day today that's a big cast for working at the top of their intelligence and every episode is a GM a treasure and I have watched over and over and over again each one and laughedjust as hard just like Arrested Development you can watch it again and again and again and it gets funnier and funnier every little tiny detail yes and Steve Coogan to Coogan's run %HESITATION yeah I'm Alan partridge you really know you know I got I I I I I'mbecause these are artists at work now I am not an artist I made a person who does stand up and tries to act sometimes these people are artists and the and I think there's a big difference when I was talking about narcissism and self loathing %HESITATION unit youfor that miss a lot of comedians so said their childhood so treasure just not true in the aggregate no more or less than any other human being in any walk of life in any job but it just seems especially people like Robin Williams %HESITATION passed away and althoughhe he he did struggle with depression but also he would have an illness and he made a decision to do what he did he also but I wasn't thinking clearly with his medication and stuff but he now he is a perfect example of need need the knee and I really like him and he was a very nice very funny much funnier guy all state it was never a fan who stand up I have to say up but I am a fan of him and offstage really funny subtle quiet Jenny hi Kate really yeah yeah yeahlittle corner yeah yeah yeah and and and a pleasure to be around you know I mean he's done it just was never my taste okay you know I mean I do think he's a wonderful actor a wonderful actor and actually when he said he and Bill Murray nobodycaptures sad on film I think as well as as host and Stellan Skarsgard in river all my god if you haven't seen river see it you're welcome but %HESITATION Robin Williams we need to reset or Bill Murray like in Rushmore when he is defeated and I think it'sbecause they have that in them and they also have that good Gerry's personally with a need to be popular and well liked in on that Bill Murray I don't know for sure actually I I love him too I think he's fantastic great actor also %HESITATION but anyway deaddead north all my god I'm getting to a point I did not have a sad childhood in fact I had a it was just very it was did it is non event you mentioned I had great parents who actually love this too much that's the and my parentstreated me like I hung the moon you I mean like I can do no wrong and actually and I was a straight a student good for you you know I mean like it they unfortunately they they raised a quitter yeah I mean like a person is like outno thanks I I I I don't delete things I've ever stuck to ever his stand up comedy smoking %HESITATION honestly and I don't mean that to be sarcastic %HESITATION and and my love of all things it British Anglo comedy occur yeah I mean like I yeah from youknow try that I loved it too %HESITATION at any whose %HESITATION I think I'm always seeking that unconditional approval that my parents always gave me do I mean like so it's the opposite of what some people think it is like that and I was not neglected quite theopposite and I never wanted for anything my parents busted their **** for us show and yet you still kind of kind of and and yeah and and they were thrilled about it you know I mean I see my mom passed away when I was young but my andmy dad's with lovely lovely woman that my dad wasn't thrilled that I wanted to be a comic %HESITATION but he's loves he loves me you I mean and he and he he supports me now then luckily it worked out for me you know I mean especially in thenineties so he's pleased that it worked out although he still doesn't understand why people would pay me to do what I do he is not is not a huge fan of my company and he is not a huge he doesn't love many of the films I've been andyou know he he doesn't watch TV and stuff he just %HESITATION he ate and the only thing he's ever like that I know about are James Bond films okay and that's with the your eighty one now he's a %HESITATION %HESITATION my mom would have loved it yeah Imean like she she died when I was fifteen but %HESITATION I never doubted for second I was loved yeah I mean and and my mom knew that I loved her and and my dad's wife I love her she loves me %HESITATION you know I mean there's there's fiveof us all together with this step siblings and all that and %HESITATION because my biological parents and and stepparent grew up poor %HESITATION date over did it with that my both my parents were raised in the Bronx but they were first generation my father's France from Italy andmy mother's parents from Northern Ireland and %HESITATION that and that sounds weird but I'm old enough in my parents room left that that is not unusual that they would have been and they settled in the Italian and Irish neighborhood the Bronx and then my parents because of Catholicismit's very common in the tri show in New York New Jersey in that area there's so many fifty fifties you know me so many Irish yes at Spahn of Irish Italian marriages in the sixties fifties sixties and it kind of has trailed off but %HESITATION because they work Catholic the Irish need telling families and they would tend to live in a what's next which is a good same churches and %HESITATION so I'm one of many half and half sees ash I did my I may have said on stage I did my %HESITATION what's at ancestrything we know yeah I'm fifty four percent Irish which is weird I don't know how that's possible that's how it came out because my dad's side is totally from it elite yeah so it was it's fifty four percent Irish and and then the rest is like a isis basically like forty nine percent of time and there's a hint to him to the Greek in there okay I don't know how much stock to separate those days I don't know I am only going by what in the pie you know because it's not a bunch ofdifferent things you say I said what I thought it was it was have these have these and %HESITATION yes I think I do stand up and actually once you fall into acting if you're lucky enough and I was lucky enough to to get jobs you miss it whenit dries up you know I mean it's not like I was a huge like I want you and unfortunately I was not a good actor back then I have become I think better of it and I have done plays I have tried to learn more about doing itnow I I didn't know I was what I was doing back then and I was too young and dumb I was not young but for me young and drunk all the time to to work on it or two trying to roles that showed that I could do somethingwill you will you know one one would you successful if you weren't as good as you as you think you could have been what is lazy **** lazy not facing we got it's easy right and %HESITATION this for and back then I I just got lucky and Ireally do get I got a ton of opportunities not all of which I deserved now I get almost no opportunities some of which I think I deserve and I'm not talking about give me a job I don't think I I'm not asking for anything other than addition orthat you give me a chance to show that I'm not this one thing you thought I was from a long time ago and I've done like I said done plays last summer I was on Broadway with Lili Taylor in a play called Marvin's room and I learned somuch from her and I wish so much I what I know now as at at as but I can apply to acting yes I wish I had thought about it more bit smarter about it and and and work harder yeah I mean I I I it's I squanderedso many opportunities that is one hundred percent my fault I'm not saying poor me I just wish that %HESITATION entertainment critical wasn't as lazy as it is like every job eight it's no different probably than most jobs let's just hire this person other people seem to have youand that's how it happened in the nineties like %HESITATION she was on this well let's see it and I never had to audition back then I'm not joking it was like I would have %HESITATION wardrobe fittings for the next film while I was still shooting another film itseems preposterous now to think that because now it's just for posturing but I had a run from like ninety one to about two thousand one of like nonstop films not all of which were big but a lot of them were big studio films I haven't been in astudio film sense read two eight and that was a voice over %HESITATION all the rest of the films I've been in have been independent films like I said the no one ever see he's at and I've been criminal minds twenty for the west wing girlfriends guide to divorceyou know is is a bummer it's a bummer %HESITATION it criminal minds in and girlfriends guide to divorce that it those were not right for me that is not my kind of thing been on those shows and I have been offered like most women of a certain agewho aren't in film anymore all those crime procedurals or medical procedurals or legal procedurals on network television they can suck my Dick fine okay but it is always a like a tough but fair show you know just to turn a yeah I know it is I mean thosethose thing must be you must be hidden away with a stick right like the most women my age who people think are pigeon holed and you weren't in film anymore get those offers it's not unusual show AT and also every New York actor myself included in the worldhas been online order at some point in some fashion there's not one who in the twenty eight years that is spent on there's no New York actors who have not been online order at one time or another but I had was on a criminal minds spinoff from mysuspect behavior and luckily was canceled after one season where I was of course a profiler of some kind of it I was forced what occurs partner and I did X.force what occurred was doing I thought this is gonna be good I was absolutely wrong about that forcewaiter was upset as well but it was just **** and was just violence and misogyny and not one there was not one it was just make it sausage what's the relationship between your stand up self under control that you have as a standup about everything you do andyet you say everything the way you present yourself you can take your notes on there that such such controls acting hard it does it in less like I've just did a movie before coming here in Chicago called come as you are where it was bliss that happens sometimeslike any jobs and is good better different you know you the people are great the director seems to know what they're doing in a for some critics a lot is independent films you have a first time director I don't know why the directing unless they just want tosay I'm a director and somehow they have enough money to make a fifty I mean either cash family or friends do show up and they just blew their parents nest egg and I feel it's a tragedy exit it that they don't see noting that every once in awhilelike just happened with this when it comes you are the director I really prepared storyboard and you feel like okay yes heaven and everybody's great it's fun %HESITATION and now what whether anyone sees this film or not that's fine you know I mean it was great and Ithink I think I think I'm pleased with the work I did it and then there's a whole bunch of others that if no one ever sees them it doesn't matter but they were fun to do or you learn something you met somebody that's a friend but the painfulthing is in mainstream stuff like criminal minds girlfriends guide to divorce I hate every second it you have no control whatsoever you are a hired hand and then you go why me then what I need and and also it's not like I think I'm so great but whenit's a collaboration like the Larry Sanders show the Ben Stiller show west wing yeah and now when I say collaboration you wouldn't change a word of that down like they are still looking at that's all great but they let you feel you have skin in the game phraseslike that but I just did it where they do they are open to you or writing towards you you I mean like whatever your particular strengths are when have you in their shows like twenty four or criminal minds girlfriends guide to divorce where the writing is the lastthing anybody thinking about and now having said that twenty four is by a little bit better the crypt criminal but the guys have nice guys who runs it is a right wing douche bag shells are now yeah now that I think the reason it's as good as isbecause keeper so good yeah I think he elevates what could be a not so good and also was never supposed to last that long it it was good the first season because that's an exciting premise right yes when I was on season six how many days in arow we to go here where do we go to the bathroom which leads or changes their clothes having said that no offense to anyone and one of my closest friends Maryland rice Cup is Chloe is I guess we had one of timing and res Cordero at a greattime actually but have no control over it and criminal mind you know all they care about and some the **** shows with just making sausage what the wardrobe looks like especially with the women look like hair make up yeah wardrobe making sure they don't look bad that's thenumber one concern of those shows is that and then as you know you look at him hairs like glass in the make ups ridiculous it takes a toll it tells you that it's not serious it does it tell you the hours are not at work here I'm not I'm not blaming the the acted what it is people who are justifying covering they're not financially got kids in private school they have mortgages and so nobody's rock in the book you're writing you're making sausage because it makes money when you were making sausage when do you seea time for me because I don't have a mortgage okay now when I was successful in ninety seven by anything I'm serious I was fiscally prudent %HESITATION I I had a hunch it doesn't last forever and it doesn't I didn't buy anything I'm financially okay I don't havechildren I don't have a mortgage I don't buy a lot of things I live in an apartment that I own a one bedroom apartment that's it I don't have a car so I don't have to do **** like that but you want to work right you will liveto those jobs did a you giving it you're right I am I am a fifty I well I I tried very very hard now having said that I get defeated and I cry like a baby man I on shows like that I will cry every day probably goingto feel sorry for me I'm just saying this is the reality of it and then on Senate live which can be great and bad good years bad years I happen to be on a bad year that defeat was their criminal minds that defeat was their girlfriends guide todivorce that defeat was there and all three shows I asked to leave early they hate that when you do that yeah they hate that and either they will if they wanna Lauren luckily let me go because he I wasn't bringing anything to the table there was no reasonto look at that the cast was vast that year there was no reason to have me I don't even know why I was asked to do it %HESITATION it it was not there was another one you didn't audition for that day on this in the first time when I was twenty five and I didn't get it and I guess you know many years later after I was already quote unquote successful then they just asked me to do it and my boyfriend at the time Bob Odenkirk Vince from better call Saul and other things and Mrshow with David yesterday discount channels shown as one of the greatest county shows as a credit Mister show Bob David it is up there I think with any of the other ones I have mentioned in the I had the honor of great shows and bottled or could justleft there as a writer and said don't do it you're not going to like it it's a he says just not nothing like it I should listen to him I should have stayed at the gear at the Larry Sanders show Gerry was kind enough to let me gobecause he's a nice man and the first day I got there I knew it was not it was wrong it was the feeling and I read an article that Catherine o'hara the wonderful cat and a half from SCTV one of the other greatest comedy series in the world%HESITATION was there for one day and left and it hit it when my mind that that article I had read a long time ago this was much before I got there and I remember thinking I should go I should go and I called my agent needs of coursedramatically said your career will be over you really you can't leave so I stayed I was writing on commercial parodies that's why I went early it was fun enough %HESITATION and I I I really enjoyed writing those with Kevin Neal and others and we shot some commercial parodies I remember laughing and laughing and then when we got into the lead up for the new season I was like cash I'm not finding any this stuff funny and nobody seems to find the very funny yeah I mean like it was this clash and what I realized veryquickly is if you say things like I think we can make this better do this you're an **** but and I probably was abrasive I it you know I I'm looking back I I I guess I didn't know was wrong to say stuff like that because that's theway we spoke at the Ben Stiller show and stand up comedy as I used to each other people aren't shy about yeah when you work together when you're writing sketches and you know other writing things I've done there's never been any preciousness about the way they come becauseyou'll you're all dying on the time and you don't have time you know I mean and also you you feel that you're good enough friends and and I guess maybe I brought that way of speaking which I didn't know was verboten %HESITATION or or you're not supposed toadmit that some of the stuff a ship that's getting on the air I think but that's what it is you're not supposed to point out that maybe we can do better myself included so I was I was persona non grata like I was disliked and and like Isaid I'm sure it was abrasive yeah and also I used to drink very heavily I don't anymore haven't had a drink since two thousand one but I'm sure in the end you know I had a call in my office in the drawer and yes it happens when you'rethere for a lot of I'm I'm sure I started drinking in the afternoon and fact I'm I'm more than sure I did I drank all the time in the afternoon and I remember thinking it was kind of glamorous sit back then you could smoke in your office toand I'm in love in that Hey I had a office with a desk that looked over at you know I'm in New York City and the windows open I had an ashtray and I would have Scott you I mean I remember thinking that was like really cool whenyou producing good work once drinking and no no no no I after I gave up no %HESITATION I think while I was trying I believe it was good enough and that if people would work with me it could have been better but I became a person nobody wantedto work with and if it's it and I'm not saying it's like that every year in fact I've heard it's really fun sometimes when Tina fey was had read or heard it was really fun and when a my friend Amy Poehler was there she loved it Fred armsand let you know I mean like I said with any show this went on for years there's going to be good times and bad times and it happened to be a particular chaotic time because the head writer was going through a bad divorce and is very nice guyhe wasn't there a lot so it's like a free for all yeah and it became like lord of the flies %HESITATION and there was too many of us there's no need to have fifteen sixteen cast members and twenty five writers is just stupid you know when it firstcame on it was eight cast members who are also writers maybe a couple of other writers that's all you need and that's why it when it's bad it's bad yeah I mean if you could pare it down and I realized very quickly they don't need me first ofall and I am never going to be able to fit into this machine and I'm not well liked and I'm hating myself so I asked to leave any let me go early nobody ever believes that they think you're fired and and of course that's the law yeah Imean like nobody would ever leave you've been fired I left girlfriends guide early I let %HESITATION and the great thing is that I was fired that's just not true and actually who gives a **** yeah I mean like it's a show probably none of your listeners have everheard of or seen and these things everything's every every molehill is made into amount yeah that's not just show business that's every business as you've seen at any business in the world makes mountains that's just people in business corporate mountains out of mole hills that that's just happensall the time is more public and entertainment yes and so it's just and you had a journalist will just say what they believe to be true she was fired I was not fired again I can only to ask you to take me at my word %HESITATION I wasnot fired from criminal minds and I was not fired from girlfriends guide because also people can't believe it they tend of children and mortgage some things yes and also was suppose if you were a stand up and you have this on the web on you want your ownboss you must be very difficult to be in a situation where you know you may have a Boston B.

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She accepts, but the two break their engagement in Season Eight’s “The Foundation”.

hello there in this podcast online comedian Stuart goldsmith get into the heads and minds and hearts of my fellow comedians and find out how they do their thing how they write new material how they develop that the sun is and in the case of today's guest how theycope with a life off the enormous stardom so let's have the music please welcome to the show on Stuart goldsmith and this is the comedian's comedian part cost my guest today is Janeane Garofalo I could not believe that I managed to back to name but she is Imean depending on when you grew up and she is either a massive celebrity kind of Hollywood only call on all of the %HESITATION the I mean what what we do not millennials millennials now is new generation X. and she was insome very famous movies and %HESITATION get caught tight cost as we will have a someone who represented the whole spirit of a generation and she is also an has always been a phenomenal stand up comedian you any to look at her first HBO special online to see herapparently and it turns out in this episode will talk about it taking notes on stage for her first HBO special and we gonna almost que in detail about that very deliberate approach to non deliberate next to a sort of a a very loose structure free kind of astyle and I really really enjoyed talking to Ginny and I think you're going to enjoy it too and so let's get on with this and I'll check to a get in the middle this is ginning gruffly well actually I have you noticed how we started yet %HESITATION thatthat this is in in in my experience the type of comics that I don't find very funny will tell you how funny they are and then the type of comics that that I feel very very good are the last people to say that now having said that I'mnot putting myself in that category I I'm not I'm just saying I have noticed that those with the most bravado ten to just in my take does it doesn't have any my taste in yes former and %HESITATION or even like Albert Brooks or or at the very funnya performer filmmaker who hates his movies a Woody Allen %HESITATION and let's take all the politics way from Woody Allen and just I I see him as a national treasure and his personal life is always gets people in show I'm I'm dealing with just the person who I'vebeen a huge fan of as hundreds of the old system of the artistic person and you know it be that as it may he hates his work do I mean and I find him to be really even his bad stuff because he does a film a year everyyear and has since like nineteen seventy two or seventy three %HESITATION even the bad ones are often better than a lot of other people's yes movies because they're more thoughtful there's not gratuitous violence you know I mean there's there is there does tend to be a meditation insome films on violence and and a lot of it on doing away with a partner you no longer are interested in which is interesting I think he's been working through something else but %HESITATION I I he he is notoriously %HESITATION self loathing and notoriously hates his work andthen you'll see read articles about some directors are filmmakers and and I think this stuff is just mainstream crap yeah I'm a is there just one day late in that one yeah the use of volume of ticket sales with quality or in the same with the Grammys Americanmusic %HESITATION Grammys at when you win a Grammy it just means you sold a lot of albums in very rarely means that you're particularly good now sometimes it happens despite the Grammys works by that but for the most part it's it's very mainstream very popular yes former somethinghappens we can only the end of the festival of the things that will happen in the next few weeks is that some people will get four or five star reviews they'll split right in on that poster and by the final week of the festival wanted to shows willhave ten five star reviews rates easy to look at that and think %HESITATION they've got fifty stones it's not fifty starship ten different people for the funds touch I mean this is so I I had I I don't like to look at reviews because it hurts my feelingsand you know criticism does not roll off my back I it it hurts me terribly shocked and especially sometimes when you reviewed and the person has missed misunderstood you completely and of course nothing is more powerful than a fixed idea once that person states that you meant thisor that you are this that's that's really the way it is once it appears in the press and there it is LS has people want to tell you about the bad review and I am a fan of kill the messenger yeah I I really blame them more thaneven the person that I can't stand what is that you think it was funny no I don't I don't think that's funny that the person said ABC about me that I that has always bothered me and I don't and now it's almost a sport a snarky review it'salmost a competition between the years I was able to to settle the much blood yet and it's very strange thing so I I try and stay clear of it %HESITATION his don't you the most wrong exams of you all my gosh so so many so many so manyyears sentiment was the furthest away from what you were actually trying to %HESITATION what you know what something is interesting in in a magazine that out here %HESITATION about the festival and it has %HESITATION shows to see like picks a handful of shows and and unbeknownst to me I was picked and unbeknownst to me you know and it it was it that person I think missed is has mistaking me for another person what what they said it that it was absolutely antithetical to anything I've ever said and not me and and they even said onething it won the first census was self affects self professed botox fan nine eight gnostic about boats on yeah I mean I I'm not gonna criticize someone for getting it and then I have had it my forehead %HESITATION it doesn't really work that well I'm I'm fine withit okay I've never taken a stand on post here I mean like eighty eight yeah in so far as that anybody in this country would would pick that up and then it said and that was also passed which I found out means the paparazzi Cheshire was also packedshowing off for fuller lips that's absolutely not true I've never had anything and and you you looking at my mouth yes sorry that clearly if I was going to have something done they would not look like this do you I mean and I have never had a popup pop or I don't know what that I don't know who that person is talking about a specific about his self professed that things like that I can't eat that is just taking so much it was impounded away from you go with this person right we know constantlytold they weren't being mean spirit there's nothing vitriolic under say about this go see this person now having read that little blurb I would never go see me yeah there was nothing about it anything of interest a subtext botox man who was showing off my fake lips whichjust isn't true in a paparazzi picture in this country I don't know what they're talking about and and you can never eat you can never convince someone that that's right you always seem like you're being defensive yeah you have to look through the rest of the ones towatch that person's written and gone and they substituted you gonna said I don't know I don't I'm not familiar with the other with the other comics on a machine to say I just I don't know them personally but that one was the weirdest thing and it is alsothere was not one thing that would make a thinking person go I'm gonna go see that performer so that would have I mean on the one hand I was thankful they picked me but I do think that they think I'm someone else because I don't know who and I was trying to listen some people learning yeah I guess that's the garage yeah and then there's also a thing called the growth slow yeah yeah yeah of course children's and a grateful I didn't know about that but at that's interesting I guess it's I'm gonna be honestwith you because I've I've I was a toddler as I mentioned the ground was a big part of the of my children was to told us up and down the country and a friend of mine suggested a few days ago when you interviewed you name you should asa joke pretend that you have misunderstood and she actually what I actually would be but I would I would know what you would get on the posters is a grub hello or I might say I think you're thinking of mark Ruffalo yeah right that's hasn't as an actorwith a name almost I guess he combined this that would be the most because I'm the Ruffalo and he's roof Ruffalo yeah so they can stay fascinating fascinating podcast eat so let's get to the heart of your your stand up performance Amos or a couple of months agoand which I was fantastic I've never seen before and for the benefit of people in the U. one less familiar with you as a stand up would you be most of I mean I wouldn't expect people to be familiar with me at all but I I butespecially as a stand up I mean I've I've been very rarely performed in on I think people in the U. would know you from the ninety three at the nineteen nineties and being a sort of %HESITATION %HESITATION a reluctant or otherwise flank whatever the what is finebear a whole generation which also I'm not on the day when the baby boomers I I'm fifty four and in reality bites which maybe is where that start I think so yeah %HESITATION which is a quote unquote GNX film %HESITATION everyone else was twenty one I was twentynine so I actually believe I've never been ten hex that's another thing and also I think some it at another thing in the states anyway would wear used to be I find problematic people used to confuse me with some of the characters I was cast as my firstacting job was the Larry Sanders show with the great late Garry Shandling and %HESITATION I was asked to play a real person it because a lot of the characters are based on people that work at the David Letterman show and one of the people who Paula my characterwas asked to Nick was a person who worked backstage at letterman knows first I guess was pretty surly and taciturn and not very nice to everybody so from that first job I guess I must've done it pretty well because I kept getting jobs to play a similar personand I wasn't smart enough to figure out %HESITATION you gonna get type cast and and and and I and and it's not me I mean I I don't behave in that manner I don't behave in the way that that person in the room you Michelle's high school reunionbehaves or you know any of the things and also person that looks like me because it's just stupid you people make decisions on what you look like in when %HESITATION you know when I was getting cast in movies I was %HESITATION had at wasn't classically attractive %HESITATION theand and I'm still not but I'm just saying that at decisions are made for you you look like this so you will play this kind of person and I didn't realize that if you keep doing it over and over again then that man that's again that's who youare there's I don't view it was what it was kind of the quirky best friend of ours cynical or cynical best friend who is not perfectly attractive in is real mad about it you know I mean yeah thing and actually the first big studio film I was inwas a retelling of Cyrano yes tell the truth really I'm so hideous I must hide my identity and I remember feeling badly about it being thrilled somebody want to cast we get it on your site these due ling %HESITATION issues I felt sad that alive I must becausethey even said to me you're perfect for this a person who looks so so upset about it or not no I'm not upset about it others clearly so I had my didn't eat now having said that if I'm not complaining about this profession it is elective which usedto do it so and no one makes you do it so they complain about it is really fools errand because it's it's a sort but I can only tell you these things it in in in in your query to get to know if and again listeners I'm notsaying that's interesting he asked I did not I did not presume I would be interesting seven your were you doing stand up already at the time you get a yes %HESITATION I actually started doing stand up when I was nineteen I did start acting so it's twenty sevenwhich is it's quite late actually you know in in in youth culture yes but I started doing stand up my junior year of college %HESITATION I was a Providence College and Rhode Island %HESITATION and I I didn't seek to become an actor something I would mind it youknow some people say I never want you know I just tripped and fell insurance one of the biggest lie and also there's this fake stories sometimes you hear about %HESITATION I only enter that beauty competition somebody else sent my pictures and it was on a dare or ORI auditioned for such and such on a dare bull **** nobody does that and does the very beginnings of the current kind of Instagram culture all hunters accident ridiculous and there's no there's no shame in admitting it you know I would never say boy was I mad whensomebody offered me an acting job and no you don't do stand up and and moved to Los Angeles where I lived I lived in her in west Hollywood for about three years %HESITATION and you don't do that so that you can perform in a vacuum is ridiculous tothink you know what at and I'll admit I'm a ham %HESITATION hambone and I think it's a personality type of most people that going to stand up anyway is narcissism mixed with self loathing %HESITATION you have a need for attention and yet you feel you don't deserve itor something at least at least that that's how I feel I feel %HESITATION clearly there must be some narcissism to say Hey look at me listen to me I should be seen now in modern culture everybody can do that with the you know when I started doing standup that was not the case that was not the social media and all that stuff and you know what your goal was was to get on the Johnny Carson show and then you would blow up you you know I mean it only took a couple TV shows didto become a famous comic back then and now you can do it in many ways and it's now everything's bring each you know I mean like there so so much fame doled out along among so many yes modern technologies %HESITATION I mean what I'm saying anyway well II I confuse myself and and also I must tell you this is it and I may have mentioned it the show at I am I am going through a change of life that makes me I cannot concentrate I'm so sorry about that so I wasn't talking to yourain me I had to learn the words perimenopausal two weeks before saying is a friend of mine was talking about it yes I'm excited I'm I'm close to Perry and I hate talking about stuff like that I really do I feel it's corny and had and it anda lot a lot of times unfortunately people still do see comedy by gender it's unfortunate %HESITATION you know at I'm not a female comic I'm a comic I happen to be female and so when you talk about things like menopause then some sometimes like oh boy here wego and that's why I read seat is gender neutral yeah that's that's something that I don't know if you're seeing many other shows at this festival haven't yet but there is really exciting it kind of %HESITATION moved movement it's just that there are so many more female comingto yes and with them it is calm this whole wave of people going what the **** kind I talk about my minstrel song we **** as a woman you being like a big thing that it's a woman talking about it and it you can and I think it'sfine I do think there's a problem this transcends gender both male and female if you can talk about these things lets up our game linguistically lets this is well worn territory you know especially the younger comics I don't blame them they're younger when I was younger I'm surewhere I talked about it dating is wet and Saxon step now I never use a lot of profanity sure %HESITATION I probably did more when I was younger now let's see there's a lot of footage because wasn't surveillance society back and she could fail privately you can't reallydo that anymore but I have noticed a lot of younger comics male and female use a lot of of of of profane words for their private parts ahead for sexual Congress and if you're going to do that talk about these things like I said those well worn territory I think you got to find an interesting way to convey these things %HESITATION I think and again this transcends gender because there's plenty of male and female comics that talk about it and talk about unhappy ways and talk about it very %HESITATION vulgar ways yeah %HESITATION and Ithink it's less interesting now that the the issues I have with male and female get a wise thing is has nothing to do with the topic sometimes if they choose it's just that I think that a lot of people still in modern culture at and they don't evenmean it they'll say a female comic or the have a shows where it's all women comics now there's no reason to point that out you know there's no reason the flyer to say that unfortunate females doing to themselves sometimes not all but some get allies themselves and everyone'swell you'll be asked to participate and show that self email and I will only do it if it doesn't point out that fact yeah do you know what it says yeah like on the fly I wanna say is all women show or like five funny ladies yet nowthey never do five white guys you'll never see that or hear anything like there's no reason to point out gender or skin color or anything like that in less there's a reason to do so %HESITATION which usually there is not because that is what makes audience member sometimesthink they do or don't like certain comics comedy type like a lot I want to go see a female I don't want to go see a black comic you know I mean is it does first while they're not very involved to say that but secondly there I understandthe reason sometimes on involves people say that is because of the way things are labeled or yes the flights are much of the relationship between the comedy industry and the audience that will potential gains is just about how we frame things let me tell how it's gonna belike I always thought this is it right right yeah and and a lot of times if you do stand up the way that I do %HESITATION which is not a conscious choice it's just you know it your style chooses you especially when you've been doing it so verylong and I've been doing it a very very long time and I tried a little bit at the beginning to have actual jokes but it didn't suit me you know I mean like it does is just not my thing and I'm not a strong joke writer I Ipreferred it to have a much more free if her open style of doing stand up to that that it's not locked down what it is and and that each audience see something slightly different anyway not not everything's different but something you know something so that each person hasseen a different show than the next person and and that's a value neutral statement I'm not saying that like it's noble or brag I'm just saying that happens to be the style I do it now that it's hit or miss %HESITATION because there are certain audience members thatdon't understand that's not how they think a county show is that's not what you think your failing to do a proper one right fortunately I can I can convince some of it too that's my fault I will say well that's not going well is it even if theydidn't think that they will believe me and so I have to stop doing that and also I have to just that this is just the way I do stand now locally after all these years there are enough people that know what they're getting but every once in awhilethere's people that are utterly confused or angry confused and angry I guess that would be the expression on the face of their arms are full then it's like they don't understand you know it's like twenty minutes in to the hour and they still haven't heard a proper jobnow hopefully my goal is to not entertain you in I mean my goal is to not not be funny show but I just don't have this discipline system and F.

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as you saw you know I try and lay out the notes and stuff like I put him ona bench and %HESITATION and then elections only look at it or I look at it and I'm not even seeing so this is Jeanine she's an absolute who to talk to I love to show that a festival and ten just enjoyed this incredible scatterbrain approach to having %HESITATIONlike a board with a bunch of ideas on it and barely getting to any of them I found it Justin throwing I really really love to not use one of those comics who I could feel myself %HESITATION you know when you know you'll be watching comedy shows andif you're me you'll be loving it and fidgeting and checking you watch even though you love it didn't do that so with your name and if anything she's one of those few comics I've really felt I could listen to look good couple of I was more I Ijust absolutely love to if you ever get a chance to see had to like stand up then and please don't miss out on that it does remind me as well I just as as a separate thing I mentioned I think last week Sam Campbell showing so hope Iactually checked my watch hopefully threats to see how I could cope with laughing that hard for about a half an hour so that's like the other side of the the scale I don't know if Sam Campbell is still it so hard and that he's from Strela said wellif you were stranded maybe you'll get a chance to see before anyone in the U. well so back to Ginny more of this conversation in just a moment we're going to cover %HESITATION we can cover her of her opinions about TV and the white thanks for perspectivewe will think I was having this conversation with someone the other night we is comic sold its old got caught on the next thing on the next thing and I'm forever saying this podcast even the people who got the next thing want the next thing and it's fascinatingto hear %HESITATION what Ginny has to say about the sausage factory of American crime John drama and how these episodic shows that require a huge number of axes kind of find rich pickings among people who formally had a huge movie profile and how painful it is perhaps tobe one of those people when you know who that you'll most high profile work or best paying work or perhaps best creatively satisfying within that's fair to know that that work is known I'm not a safe behind you but to know that it isn't and at your fingertipsin the White House once it was so loads more great stuff coming up from Jeanine in just a second quick mention for the toll last week I released the as the tour dates for the mini tour in spring two thousand nineteen the tour this year is separated intotwo sections on account of the new girl arriving at and currently T.

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