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Salvation, therefore, must be found outside the Law, in Christ.

Orthodox and classical Judaism, in contrast, affirm that the Law indeed can and therefore must be fulfilled. But by having a group of people — gay Jews – who cannot keep the laws surrounding homosexuality, Orthodoxy drives itself to an untenable reality. The law of Leviticus is in full effect, and we Orthodox Jews must live by the words of the Sages and all of the early authorities.

The classic case is the raped woman who must have “cried out but there was no one to save her” (Deuteronomy 22:6-7).

Clearly, no hint of wrongdoing is to be ascribed to her; she is completely innocent.

But many other LGBTQ Jews wish to, and do remain, observant.

What do we do when LGBTQ Jews are frum, punctilious and even learned or learning?

These ill-advised approaches have led many LGBTQ Jews to abandon Orthodox life altogether.

Paul saw the Law as creating sin, for the Law is impossible to fulfill.

The halachic reason is that gay Jews are asked to meet a virtually impossible standard of behavior.

If they violate that standard, they are either censured or thrown out of the Orthodox community.

Through example of the Roman Catholic Church, we have seen what can happen when you deny the basic human need for intimacy.

The worst, albeit most traditional “solution,” is to marry the boys off so they can “learn” to be heterosexual.

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