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Piz was introduced in the third season as a series regular, and was named after the director of the pilot, Mark Piznarski.The character's role was to have another male friend for Veronica who was middle-class, and not upper-class.Dohring acted one scene from the pilot; bashing the headlights of a car in with a tire iron.During the final auditions, Dohring read two times with Bell, and met with the studio and the network.

Tina Majorino portrayed Cindy "Mac" Mackenzie, a computer expert befriended by Veronica.

Kristen Bell portrays the titular Veronica Mars, a high school junior and skilled private detective.

Bell was chosen to play Veronica Mars from more than 500 women who auditioned for the role.

Set in the fictional town of Neptune, the series starred Kristen Bell as the title character, a student who progressed from high school to college during the series while moonlighting as a private investigator under the wing of her detective father. As Thomas had conceived the show as a one-year mystery, he decided to introduce and eliminate several characters in order to create an "equally fascinating mystery" for the series' second season.

Thomas needed "new blood" since he felt unable to bring back the Kanes and the Echolls and "have them all involved in a new mystery".

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Parker was introduced in the third season as a series regular.

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