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Physically, Jordan is of an average build with long brown hair and light blue eyes.He often wears oversized striped or flannel shirts, loose fitting jeans, and black boots. [Payment] DEBIT AND CREDIT CARDS We accept credit card payment via ABE books, or PAYPAL via [email protected] METHODS OF PAYMENT - We accept payment by most other methods such as cheques and bank transfers. [Non-Delivery of Goods or Complaints] Please report any damages to us at once. More Information Shipping Terms: Orders usually ship within 3 business days. Bookseller Inventory # 1027 Ask Seller a Question Terms of Sale: [Dispatch and delivery] Books are currently kept in our French house , and will normally be dispatched by La Poste within 3 working days of receipt of order.As a result of his learning disability, Jordan ditches virtually every class but PE and shop, and, for half the season, English. He is intrigued by Angela, although he feels that she talks way too much and wants to make too many plans.Jordan is easily irritated by lying and although what he says might hurt someone's feelings, he is very honest and trustworthy.The disabilities fully come into light in "The Substitute," after the substitute English teacher, Mr.

Jordan claims his father doesn't do it anymore because he's scared to after having thrown a chair at him in self defense.

Jordan's attitude evolves throughout the season as he spends more time with Angela and he becomes more willing to try new things.

He also starts trying harder with his schoolwork and goes to class more after receiving encouragement and help from Angela and his tutor, Brian.

Jordan is very intelligent but is embarrassed by his learning disabilities.

Instead of admitting to his teachers and peers that he has difficulty, he projects an attitude that he doesn't care about his lack of achievement or how others feel, specifically Angela.

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