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Under all circumstances, pray for your spouse, not against him.Thank God for your spouse each day, praying for his health and safety.With Valentine’s Day approaching, it would be appropriate to write about relationships, right? Yes, God has designed most of us to be married, unless you have the gift of singleness, which would be a whole other post. Rather than just waiting around to live your life until you get married, live it now. ) are ready to be in a God-honoring relationship, we MUST know, and be rooted in, the true source of our joy. The Bible instructs that we not be “unequally yoked” (2 Corinthians ). Pray that the person you will one day marry will pursue and seek God above all else. Often, I think we can try to rush through our season of singleness.As the tears rolled down my face, I thought, “How did we get here? ” My husband and I had just finished our last counseling session with our third set of counselors.Each time, they regretfully informed us there was nothing more they could do for us. “Are we going to be a statistic of another failed marriage?We were high school sweethearts who made it through the drama of attending separate schools. We had been married only a few years and brought a sweet baby boy into our lives. ” I pleaded with God about why things were the way they were.

God's grace allows us to see through the mess to embrace His No. Don't ask God to change your spouse, instead, ask God to change you.

But even before all of this, something really amazing happened in my life!

Riding down the road with my mommy one day, I asked the Lord to be my best friend forever!

Resentment and regret had taken over our household.

Our exchanged words had become tainted with bitterness, and our feelings of unworthiness became toxic to our emotions.

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