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Papers on nano- and microscale theories, technologies, engineering and applications should include some representative results.

Claims for originality or novelty of researches should be clearly stated in the abstracts. Brief, urgent announcements of significant advances or preliminary accounts of new work, not more than 3500 words (4 journal pages).

The most important criteria for acceptance of a Rapid communication are novelty and significance.

It should upload the receiver firmware but then just reject to load it. When I powered it up I directly was setting the region to CE....

Now the light is a solid green and I am unable to connect to it or rebind it.

When I press the rebind button there is no change in the lights. Thanks, -Tim I made the mistake of updating my Nano when I went to bind it with my Crossfire Jr Module prior to updating the firmware of the transmitter. But I am trying to bind it to my crossfire JR module. I pressed the bind button on the RX and no dice, do you know why that may be?

I've been trying to use the URA (Universal Reader Assistant) for this, but so far its not working.

The URA checks my card, but when setting it to "Read", it does not catch any tag.

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