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It has to do with the ways in which black femininity has always been pitted against white femininity as a way to strengthen white supremacy and to justify black women’s oppression in the United States.Patricia Hill-Collins says it best, when black women assertively protest their oppression, they are called loud, angry, independent, strong.On the other hand, these platforms have become a way for black women to experience racism instantly.In my study, black women came across profiles that both explicitly and implicitly excluded them as partners.You have all this rhetoric and these stereotypes that basically become ideology about blackness that follow us through time. When women in my study are telling me that people are saying that they’re too emasculating, they’re living out, they’re experiencing those tropes.

There are all these barriers, but the onus is not on them.I was [at Princeton University], in sociology, seeing all these other white women that I was friends with dating, and I was also friends with black women and we weren’t dating.We weren’t hooking up, nothing was happening with us.While it’s not at the same rate as black men, which is at 24 percent.There’s this notion out there that black women are resistant to dating and marrying outside of their race but this data suggests to me that they are doing so and they are open to interracial relationships. On the downside, black women’s local marriage markets are still not on par with white women’s marriage markets. There’s still a shortage of marriageable black men for black women. People are saying that black women don’t want to date outside of their race. We should think about, do non-black men want to date black women?

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It’s not like there were no black women dating, but comparatively to the other women on campus, we just weren’t feeling the love.

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