Old school dating rules

I’m not telling men to be a Catholic, somehow chaste version of James Bond (whatever that would look like...).

What I am advocating for is a simpler, healthier Catholic dating scene, and this requires defined terms.

What do you think of my dating rules of engagement?

Interested in women's reactions to video has made us realize that putting up with a little swiping is no biggie compared to what singles had to deal with in prior decades, or even centuries.

Watch the video below to see what they had to say: Some good news: We all agree that it's definitely *not *OK to sleep with someone had had too much to drink—or call that person disgusting. Overall, we're glad that men are as outraged as we are when it comes to some of these old-school dating rules.

God willing, the next step up from this is engagement, followed by marriage.

Why do we need to separate dating and going steady?

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