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New relationship energy is always exciting, but adjusting to combining your life with that new person can be challenging! Not only do they have to get used to the new lady in your life, they also have to get used to sharing your attention.

No matter how sweet your new date is, if you want your pet to like her, it’s important to do as much as you can to keep your critters’ routines as consistent as possible.

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What do you do if that allergic, dog-hating person happens to be the hottest and sweetest lesbian you’ve ever dated?I even (without meaning to) tested my partner’s tolerance for my dog-obsessed antics the first night we met by calling my apartment to talk to my dogs through the answering machine (it was the early ‘00s, people still had home phones) and tell them I would be home a little late.Unfortunately some human/animal conflicts don’t have easy answers.I won’t even consider dating people who don’t like dogs.I have a hard time even being friends with people who don’t like dogs, so dating someone who didn’t have an appreciation for dogs would be out of the question.

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