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[Verse One] I have to tell the truth I have a weakness for women In every state Wherever I go Oh boy I know it isn't right I feel I'm barely swimming And the waves keep on crashing down After every show Oh boy And what am I to do now Where the hell is my crew now Supposed to be watching my back But they're jibbing too And here she stands before me And I'm trying to ignore thee Possible chance of doing wrong And now I sing my song [Hook] What is love And am I in it?

See I really like this girl And I, and I think I should But what i feel Is there something in it?

Don’t be fooled though, in many cases his tongue in firmly implanted in his cheek.Niles reminds him that he has a fear of commitment that leads him to sabotage all his relationships with women.Frasier typically overdoes things, committing to commitment with Julia, even during an evening with his family when she rubs everyone the wrong way, and steps on Niles and Daphne's surprise announcement that she is pregnant. While shopping for a suitable couch, he and Niles catch sight of Ronee Lawrence, their old babysitter.Cause if not I'm wasting her time And that's just not good [Verse Two] I'm in the mall in Altadena (okay) Looking through a new magazine-a (okay) Takin' a little love test to see If I'm even there And now it's looking like I'm failing And now I'm slowly inhaling Is this issue of sassy for real If so the next step's ill And dude I'm way past confused now What do I have to do now?Break up with the girl of my dreams In the past made mistakes and Regret every step so I say [Hook] What is love And am I in it?

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Niles tries to win the attention of a reclusive nursery painter.

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