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There was no indication she and her husband had been polyamorous: engaging consensually in multiple romantic relationships.

In many queer circles, consensual nonmonogamy has become so standard it may be discussed before dating or even meeting, in the form of disclaimers on online dating profiles.

Today our laws protect sex as something practiced between consenting adults.

#Me Too has expanded the notion of consent into enthusiastic consent—the idea that a partner should not only agree but be thrilled about it.

The history of nonmonogamy is exceedingly checkered.

Though the word polyamory originated only 27 years ago according to , popular among non-monogamists, includes examples of ancient and tribal non-monogamy, but that history doesn’t sit well with many anthropologists who argue that some of those scenarios were less than consensual, particularly for women, and dovetailed with practices such as pedophilia.

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