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As Utonium struggles to get free, he tearfully tells the girls that he loves them.Blossom, Bubbles and Buttercup reply, "We love you, too! Allegro | Amoeba Boys | Abracadaver | Barbarus Bikini | Bernie Bernstein | Bianca Bikini | Boogie Man | Broccoloids | Captain Crack Mc Craigen | Dick Hardly | Duchess Morbucks | Dooks of Doom | Elmer Sglue | Fake Powerpuff Girls | Fashionista Gang | Femme Fatale | Fred | Fuzzy Lumpkins | Gangreen Gang | Giant Fish Balloon Monster | Gnome | Harold Smith | Heart Stone Animals | Holly | HIM | Lenny Baxter | Joeycorn | Madame Argentina | Mascumax | Mask Scara | Major Man | Manboy | Mary Ann Smith | Mike Brikowski | Mopey Popo | Mr.Dick then used his new powers to attack the girls, who then fight back.Unfortunately, Dick has proven to be too strong for the girls and locks them in a dome, hoping to drain them of their Chemical X for his own purposes." to Utonium just as they finally succumb to their deaths. ) The clones then surround Dick against his will) No! These tragic words touch the deformed clones, finally seeing how much the Professor loves the three girls while Dick had only used them for his greed.

The next day, he offered the girls a ride home from school and slyly asks for the ingredients.

With the pass of the time, Dick's factory also started to grow to the point of being turned into a dark and twisted place.

Eventually, despite Dick gaining more wealth and fame as he sworn, the original girls realized that Dick cheated them when they saw one of the commercials of "The Powerpuff Girls with Chemical Xtreme" on TV, realizing that he was willing to sell his false Powerpuff Girls to anyone who was willing to pay him for them, even criminals.

Utonium angrily demanded Dick to stop draining the Chemical X from the girls, but Dick refuses and threatens to crush Utonium if he tries to stop him.

Utonium offers to take the girls' place so that he can make more of the Chemical X for Dick, but the latter still refuses and instead orders the deformed clones to capture Utonium.

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When Dick ignored Utonium's warnings many times who tried to say something about his ideas with his daughters, Utonium demanded Hardly to leave when he realized how greedy he was since they were young, and still is.

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