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radioactivity,spontaneous disintegration or decay of the nucleus of an atom by emission of particles, usually accompanied by electromagnetic radiation. of California and was a chemist (1941–45) in the war research division at Columbia......This behavior may be described by the laws of ideal solutions, though sometimes these laws are not obeyed because of secondary processes related to, for example, adsorption or radiolysis.General radio-chemistry includes the study of isotopic exchange, processes involving the distribution of trace amounts of radioisotopes between phases, processes of coprecipitation, adsorption, and extraction, the electrochemistry of radioactive elements, and the state of radioisotopes in extremely dilute systems—the dis-persity of the elements (formation of radiocolloids) and the formation of complexes.The chemistry of nuclear transformations includes the study of the reactions of atoms formed in nuclear transformations (hot atoms), the products of nuclear reactions, and the methods for obtaining, concentrating, and separating radioisotopes and their nuclear isomers.Also studied are the properties of radioactive substances and the transformations of these substances under the effect of their own radiation.

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